The King of Social Media to Bring NFTS to Instagram

The King of Social Media has joined NFTS in their quest to bring the NFTS program to Instagram. He is more than happy to share his insight and help students gain an understanding of what it takes for a successful social media campaign.

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King of Social Media

Sharing the journey of launching a social media campaign with NFTS would be impossible without King of Social Media. He has been featured in many publications across the globe, including Forbes and The Guardian. His success comes from his ability to understand what it takes to launch a successful social media campaign.

King of Social Media has launched many successful campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. He is most known for his viral “10 Signs You Need A Vacation” article which received over 27 million views on HuffingtonPost, 4 million shares on Facebook, and 1.5 million likes on Instagram!

King of Social Media is excited about the opportunity to share his knowledge with NFTS students so they can create their own exciting success stories as well!

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a great platform for reaching your audience. It’s an ideal place to use because it’s an easy-to-access social media marketing program for businesses and students alike. When using Instagram, you are able to create a more personal connection with your followers by adding more information about yourself to your profile. People will be more likely to engage with you if they know more about who you are as a person. If you’re someone who is interested in social media marketing, then Instagram is the perfect place for you because it’s convenient and everyone can join!

How to make a successful social media campaign

1. You must know your audience

2. You must have a plan in place

3. You need to be consistent

4. Be open to feedback and incorporate it

5. Think of creative ways to interact with your audience on the platform you are using

NFTS on Instagram

The NFTS Instagram account is a great place to get tips and advice on how you can use Instagram to create your brand. As an educational institution, we have a property right in the name NFTS which gives us a unique identity among other institutions. The King of Social Media will be giving content on his own Instagram account as well, so it will be easy to see the variety of content that is being shared.

We also love seeing your posts! If you post a photo of your project or anything related to your school life at NFTS, tag us in the photo and make sure you add the hashtag #NFTSgrams. We’d love to feature your work!

We look forward to seeing what amazing things our students do with their projects from now until graduation!

New features

The King of Social Media has been using Instagram for many years. He believes in the power of social media and is excited to see new features being added. One thing that he is especially excited about is the ability to share photos on Instagram Stories. The King of Social Media says, “I love this feature because it will help me engage my audience on a whole new level.”

New features have been introduced to help with your success in the NFTS Instagram campaign. These features include:

– Photo filters

– Location tagging

– Hashtag suggestions

– Direct messaging

– Rich media links

Read more about these features and others at the blog post below!


This article provides a great example of how to use King of Social Media to successfully promote yourself or your business.

King of Social Media, Dwayne Johnson, shares his tips for launching a successful Instagram campaign.

There are specific steps to take in order to make a social media campaign successful. These include the following:

– Understand that social media marketing is more than just posting content on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

– Create a campaign goal

– Identify your target audience

– Create a hashtag

– Engage with your audience

– Give your followers valuable content and rewards

– Measure your success


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