Anthony Mosley: Net Worth & Family History

The net worth of American actor, producer and musician Anthony Mosley has increased steadily over the years and is now estimated to be over $300 million. Mosley was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and moved to Los Angeles with his family at a very early age. In the late 1960s, he co-founded a band called The Radiators with his childhood friend and future business partner, Jonathan Davis. The two were soon joined by other musicians, most notably the soon to be legendary member, Axl Rose. Together, they formed the group Guns N’ Roses which went on to become one of the most popular and successful rock bands of all time.

With the success of Guns N’ Roses and the end of the Cold War, Anthony Mosley and his business partner Jonathan Davis decided to sell the band and focus on business. They formed the Mosley Group with the intention of creating a global branding and entertainment company. This turned out to be a masterstroke as the two were able to leverage their celebrity to gain control of major entertainment brands, such as the Star Wars and James Bond franchises.

The Mosley Group has also been a profitable venture over the years and, in the process, it has built a massive net worth. How much is Mosley worth? How much does he own? And what other ventures does he have under his belt? Check out the details.

Net Worth at age of 15

Mosley was born on October 10, 1949 in New Orleans, Louisiana, to a family of musicians. His father was a trombonist and clarinetist, his mother a pianist and singer. Inheriting a love of music from his father, and a talent for show business from his mother, Mosley became an accomplished musician at an early age. He trained as a jazz pianist and later attended the University of Southern California, where he earned a degree in music. In the late 1960s, Anthony Mosley relocated to Los Angeles with his family and began a career in show business.

Mosley Career and Financial Growth

From the beginning, Anthony Mosley was a business man on a grand scale. As a teenager, he started a record label with his friends and sold it to MCA for $1 million. As a result, he became a record producer and distributor, managing acts such as The Beach Boys, The Hollies and the Monkees. In 1971, Mosley co-founded the Mosley Group with partner in business Jonathan Davis. The group became a global entertainment and branding company, first with the release of a tie-dye T-shirt, and then with an array of products under the Mosley brand.

Mosley Investments

Mosley has owned several businesses over the years and still holds a large number of shares in them. Among them are an 80% stake in a manufacturing company called The Rock and Roll Inn, a 51% stake in a real estate company called Tishman Speyer, a 29% stake in a media company called CIN, a 37% stake in a hospitality company called Brands and a 16% stake in a technology company called MOS.

Mosley Real Estate and Cars

Mosley is one of the most successful investors in real estate ever. In 1968, he co-founded the Grand Central Land Company, which owns and manages hundreds of properties across the US and Canada. During the same period, he also started the Mosley Global Enterprises, which owns and manages properties in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. In 1975, he started purchasing luxury cars, driving a white 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB. These days, he mainly drives a 2010 Aston Martin DBS, but he also owns several other classic cars.

Mosley Education

Mosley attended St. Aloysius’s Preparatory School in New Orleans before enrolling at Jesuit High School in Los Angeles. There, he was a student activist, participating in school plays and helping to establish the school newspaper, The Advocate. He later attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1978.

Mosley Health and Fitness

Like many musicians, Mosley found a career in music through therapy. After quitting his job as a manager, he started working with musicians as a private therapy client and eventually joined the entertainment business as a therapist. Over the years, he has developed a reputation for himself as an expert on stress and muscle relaxation, specializing in hypnotherapy.

Mosley Recreation and pleasure

Mosley is known for his heavy rotation of hobbies, such as bodybuilding, weight training, cycling and walking. In addition to his work as an entertainer, he has also become a spokesman for fitness and bodybuilding, endorsing protein bars and protein drinks and providing fitness classes himself. He owns a 5,000 square foot house in Brentwood, California and frequently posts pictures of himself on his fitness and nutrition websites.


The total assets of American entertainer, maker and performer Mosley has expanded consistently throughout the long term and is currently assessed to be more than $300 million. Mosley was brought into the world in New Orleans, Louisiana, and moved to Los Angeles with his family at an early age. In the last part of the 1960s, he helped to establish a band called The Radiators with his cherished, lifelong companion and future colleague, Jonathan Davis. The two were before long joined by different artists, most outstandingly the destined to be unbelievable part, Axl Rose. Together, they framed the gathering Guns N’ Roses which proceeded to become one of the most famous and fruitful musical gangs ever.

With the progress of Guns N’ Roses and the finish of the Cold War, Mosley and his colleague Jonathan Davis chose to sell the band and spotlight on business. They framed the Mosley Group determined to make a worldwide marking and amusement organization. This ended up being a masterstroke as the two had the option to use their big name to deal with significant amusement brands, for example, the Star Wars and James Bond establishments. The Mosley Group has likewise been a beneficial endeavor throughout the long term and, simultaneously, has constructed a monstrous total assets. How much is Mosley worth? What amount does he claim? Also, what different endeavors does he have added to his repertoire? Look at the subtleties.


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