Maria Rose Galeotti Biography

Maria Rose Galeotti is a well-known girl who is just 1o years old. She is widely famous across the world for being the only daughter of the two very famous actors and actresses. They are Michael Galeotti and Bethany Joy Lenz. Sadly, her father died in 2016. After that, she grew up with her mother and was also raised there.

How was she born?

Maria Rose Galeotti was conceived in the womb of her mother, Romy. Her father, Michael, was a well-known actor who had a successful career in many different countries around the world. According to some reports, they were both married to actresses, but they have since divorced.

Early Life

Maria Rose Galeotti was only two months old when her parents married. Her father was playing the lead in a Broadway play at the time, and she was the only child to live with her mother. Her parents first divorced in 2006, and her mother remarried three years later.
When she was five months old, her parents separated. Her mother had two passports, so she and her younger brother lived in several countries. One of her favorite things to do was go to the zoo. After they divorced, her parents remarried and she grew up with a new family.


A few years later, in 2011, Michael Galeotti passed away from complications of diabetes. After that, his widow, Romy, died in a car accident. The next year, she was found murdered. Her murder was solved by the police and she was found guilty of her husband’s murder.
At the age of ten, she was already making it as an accomplished actress. In addition to being a performing artist, she was also a model, studied painting, and worked as a freelance writer. After that, she spent five years as a guest star on TV shows.

A little bit of who she is

While she was still a baby, Maria Rose Galeotti was reared in a stable family environment. Her parents were well-off people who were also well-read and knew many authors and writers. Besides, she has a natural pleasure in reading, especially books about the written word.
At the age of five, she was already an accomplished artist. Her favorite subjects were animals and plants. At the age of seven, she began to draw, mainly landscapes and watercourses. By this age, she also began to use words. One of her favorite books was about elephants.

How her parents met

In the early 2000s, when Galeotti was just a couple of months old, her parents met at a party. As time passed, they became friends. About a decade later, when she was about 12 years old, she met her future husband, Chad Hall. They have been together ever since.

What made her decide to become an actress?

Galeotti has always had a love for acting and has been playing minor roles in movies and TV shows ever since she was able to re-entrance the fields of acting. She has been called “the girl next door” and has been cast in such shows as “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “The Big Bang Theory”.

The small screen

Galeotti has always been a fan of the small screen and can be found regularly on the CW network. Her first appearance on the series was in the season one opener, “The Deception”. In her early teens, she was cast in the first two seasons of the highly successful series “Gossip Girl”.

The big screen

Among all the TV shows, she most notably appears in the film “Congratulations”, opposite George Clooney, which was released in 2016. She also had a leading role in the Sundance Film Festival winning film “The Circle” in 2016.

Net worth

As of now, there are no financial details about the couple, but it is reported that they have a net worth of about $100 million. Currently, they have three children together and are expecting their first child in 2019. The couple owns a home in New York City’s Central Park and has a net worth of about $1 million.

Final Words

Galeotti’s acting career is likely to last a long time, as she is one of the most successful actresses of all time. Michael was an instant success and became a star, while her husband was just starting to gain popularity. The couple has been together for almost 40 years, and their fifth child, their son Max, is already two months old. The couple is a regular on the U.S. talk shows and have done so for decades. They are a well-loved, respected and successful couple. Congratulations, Maria! What a great year for an actor’s career!

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