The Best PC MMO Games of 2022!

MMOs offer hours upon hours of play in which you improve your avatar, grind levels, and gather better armor and weapons to tackle even bigger challenges. If you give your time over to these seemingly endless games, you’ll inhabit new worlds filled with characters that are controlled by people just like you. The experiences you have and the people you meet can be potentially endless. Ready to explore all that and more? Check out our favorite MMO games on PC.

Plan your day the night before

If you’re heading to bed at the crack of dawn, make a point of setting aside some time to look at the world around you. Feel the night air on your face, the ground crunching beneath your feet. You may as well take stock of your many assets so you can make your bed as comfortable as possible. Not only will this keep you more energized and focused, but it will also keep your mind from becoming completely consumed by worry.

Go adventuring

Adventuring is a great way to get your feet wet. Taking on new challenges, experiencing new lands and creatures, and solving old problems are some of the best things you can do for your health. Take a look at the best adventure games on PC, and see which ones appeal to you the most.

Play a game you’ve always wanted to play

If you’ve always wanted to play an old favorite, there’s no time to look again. The days are ticking away, and there are few things more tormenting than being stuck in a game you’ve wanted to play for years. If you can, get yourself started earlier. Start a new game, and play it as soon as you finish the existing one. This will force you to think about what you want to do next, and you will likely have much more fun with it.

Adventure on a gigantic map

It may be 2013, but this is the year we start to see the first major shift in the way we view the world. The Internet has made smaller spaces a thing of the past. We now see them as a thing of the future. Even within our own cities and towns, large-scale, open-world games are now a thing of the future. This means that you and your friends can now explore the entire world together as a single entity.

Take part in an online auction

Like any good hobby, the online auction industry is booming. The Black Desert Online auction house has succeeded in raising over $100,000 for his collection. Now, none other than the Duke of Thorns himself, the duke of all investors, the richest man in all of Oryol, and the most powerful warrior in all of Tamriel will all be seeking your help in acquiring the objects of their dreams.

Create your own character

As you acquire better equipment, better armor, and better weapons, you gain a greater ability to specialize in different types of attunements. Character customization is another important source of endless play for players of all ages. You can create your very own avatar in the hopes that you will come to love it and live in it for years to come.

Black Desert Online

Since this is a PC game, you’re likely going to see a lot of discussion around it in the coming months. Generally, this is a very favorable response. Black Desert Online is everything you want in a game’s character and more. You can create a character that is colorful, brave, and imposing. The only downside is that you will likely spend the majority of your time in the trainer room, which you may find extremely boring. In the end, you will be glad you spent the time preparing for this character and everything that comes with it.

Destiny 2

Did you know that the original Hit and Run epic, Destiny, can be played on PCs and Macs? If you did, you’re in luck. The online co-op game hit its stride this past year with Destiny 2. The game offers a seamless online experience, and it’s packed with a lot of content. You can choose from 10 different classes, each with its own skill tree, and unlock new gear and jobs for each class.

The Elder Scrolls Online

If you’ve been pining for a new Elder Scrolls game, you are in luck. The first new IP for the franchise since The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls Online is a stunning-looking, full-blown fantasy adventure on the Rift. You are a member of the Aldmeri people, a people who have found their way to the island of Tamriel. You can explore the world, interact with characters you like, and learn about the events that led to your arrival.


As you can see, there are many great options to choose from when it comes to playing games on PC. Whether you want an old favorite or a new game, there is an opportunity to indulge in hours of fun with a new avatar and the companions that come with it. And don’t forget to spend some time reading the reviews online to make sure they are legit.

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