Is TikTok good for promoting business?

A good marketer knows that the only way to stay ahead of the competition is to have a proactive approach towards creating marketing strategies. Using TikTok for your business is rather a prolific calculated decision than a straight out bold hunch.

Early adopters of Instagram and Snapchat had proved that if you may discover, and leverage a social media platform during its preliminary days, you could effortlessly grow to be an influencer, and be able to make the most from marketing on that platform.

take a look at the 4 main social media systems facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They were once at the pinnacle of social media advertising. however with the rapid upward push in the total wide variety of lively users, the number of advertisers has also extended.

What’s incorrect with the essential social media systems?
these days, these structures have reached a saturation point wherein it becomes extremely difficult to get your emblem’s message throughout in your target market amidst all the noise.

in addition to that, customers can improve their web page likes and fans by using spending some dollars. for this reason, it will become difficult to perceive which page has a genuine following.

certainly, the non-stop updates in the algorithms from the social media platform makers are ensuing in a continuous decline in organic attain. Now, customers must both spend more to reach out to their customers or find a new social media platform.

enter TikTok – fastest growing Social Media Platform of the decade
With TikTok’s mass recognition, we’re now on the verge of some other paradigm shift in the world of social media.

Many social media professionals like GaryVee, Rachel Pederson were paying close attention to the hype surrounding TikTok, and are convinced that it’s far going to be a primary player in the social media platform market.

here are a few data that display why a business can’t afford to disregard TikTok.

  • It has 500 million energetic users globally
  • With 33 million downloads in Q1, 2019, it was the most downloaded app at the AppStore
  • it is to be had in 155 countries
  • ninety% of TikTok person access the app multiple times a day
  • On average, 1 million movies are viewed on TikTok every day

due to the fact that TikTok is a surprisingly new platform and is majorly centered on gaining greater customers, rather than on aggressively monetizing the platform. consequently, marketers can effortlessly make the first-class of this platform by way of spending best on content creation and garner most attain in a quick duration. How? allow’s talk this.

through TikTok’s undertaking feature, you may reach out to generation Z as 65% of TikTok users are under 30 years of age and have interaction extensively thru those demanding situations. you can leverage this idea and create your own challenges and offer a few interesting freebies or prizes in trade.

Why is this the proper time to contain TikTok in your social media advertising method?
here are the pinnacle 3 reasons why you have to begin the usage of BBBBBBBBBfor advertising and marketing your brand on-line:

An easy manner to build groups: contemporary-day users consume maximum content material via videos, and consequently you must take a look at your customers as part of a network. Sharing ideas thru videos, and invoking the hobby of like-minded human beings is what subjects.though the platform doesn’t have a set detail yet, a good marketer can pick out that community building is on the heart of this platform, and a formal organization function can be covered in it quickly.

advertising and marketing that doesn’t appear to be advertising: era Z doesn’t like to be troubled by using advertisements, and that is the motive why fifty one% of them use ad-blockers. It have to be clean that the antique strategies of advertising and marketing will now not fair nicely with these users.As a smart marketer, you need to find much less invasive techniques, and speedy clutch the attention of your target market via attractive content material. when you master the technique of incorporating your brand into well-established memories, you win.

best place for consumer-generated content material: B cost authenticity over whatever else. they are aware of the advertising and marketing methods and thus will now not fall for age-vintage ideas. TikTok is the biggest supply of user-generated content material and has the gain of being the brand new kid at the block.Even some popular video publishing structures were plagued with the aid of faux perspectives for a while now, and this has caused customers having believe problems with what they see on those systems. TikTok drives content material organically as part of its design and encourages user-generated content material via its undertaking concept whenever possible.

Now, the next query a marketer will ask is that, is there a way to manage multiple TikTok money owed the use of a social media management device?


it’s far now possible to seamlessly agenda and manipulate TikTok posts’ reminders the usage of SocialPilot. A visionary marketer deserves a visionary social media control tool, and SocialPilot has proven its concept management another time by using introducing integration with the quickest developing social media network – TikTok.

P.S – TikTok doesn’t provide direct publishing on its platform from any social media management device.


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