What Is Desk Booking Software?

Desk booking software is a space scheduling tool that can help employees and students easily book spaces that are most appropriate for their needs, thereby helping to:

  • Eliminate wasted space
  • Provide self-service capabilities
  • Gain insight into which spaces are booked, length of booking and other key metrics
  • Create a flexible workplace
  • Easily manage office hoteling and seat allocation

There are many different online desk booking systems available today.

Why Use An Online Desk Booking System?

The right desk booking system will not only facilitate space booking but also:

  • Reduce friction in the workplace
  • Maximize employee productivity
  • Ensure that clean, open spaces are always easily available
  • Eliminate time spent wasted searching for a proper space
  • Improve space utilization
  • Provide the real-time data needed to see trends and plan for future needs

Who Uses A Desk Booking Software?

Within an organization or campus, many individuals can effectively utilize a desk booking software, including:

  • Employees
  • Workplace leaders
  • IT teams
  • Students
  • Facilities managers

What Features Should You Look For In An Office Desk Booking System?

There are many features that you should look out for in a modern office desk booking software. These include:


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