How to Manage Slow Internet Connectivity

Having slow internet is worse than having no internet at all. You might think this statement sounds a bit exaggerated but that is an honest confession of a person who has suffered from the tragedy of working with a slow internet connection. The worst thing about having a slow internet connection is that it brings out a different kind of personality in you that even you did not know you had. Therefore, if you are suffering from the pain we encountered then here is guidance from the survivors themselves.

A slow internet connection is every blogger’s, Netflix consumer’s, internet lover’s, social media enthusiast’s, and every modern person’s biggest nightmare. Even after being acknowledged as a global fear, many of us have fallen into the trap of purchasing a slow internet connection. The pseudo-high-speed internet service providers, which fool you into thinking that nothing’s better than their internet service mostly set the trap.

Their setup tricks work in different ways, making you feel like the video you are browsing or the device you are working on is slow. However, in reality, you are tricked badly.

Nevertheless, sometimes there is more than internet provider fraud that is making your internet slow. So let us see what other problems are causing a slow internet connection.

Router Issues

Before you start dialing your internet provider’s number after reading the introduction of this write-up, be sure that you do not own a cheap router.

Having a cheap router might not help in providing the best internet speed to your connected devices. Apart from having a cheap router, having a hot router can also cause internet speed troubles. In some cases, you’ll experience a lost connection. For instance, if your router is covered with paper or a clothing material such as a jacket then it will become too hot to function properly. In addition, placing your router in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight causes the router to turn hot and disrupts the internet speed.

Having a Useless Internet Bundle/Package

Sometimes too much information overwhelms you and you end up choosing something useless instead. This is what happens when internet service providers overwhelm customers by providing them with too many details about different internet bundles and packages they offer. So without realizing their need, customers end up choosing an internet bundle that offers less speed than their requirement.

Therefore, choosing an internet service provider like Mediacom will help you get rid of slow connectivity issues. Take a look at Mediacom Internet prices to get the best internet connectivity.

Find Where the Problem Is

Not to sound like a hypocrite here, but sometimes the problem is in your modem or router rather than in your internet connection.

So before you prepare yourself to remove the frustration caused by slow internet on your internet provider, do look at your modem and router.

What you can do to find out whether the problem is in your internet connection or modem and router, all you have to do is a quick reset your modem and router, i.e. turn them off and then on again. If this does not work, then check if other computers/devices in your house are facing slow internet just like your device.

Limit Background Applications

Sometimes what you do not realize is that the background applications such as games and other apps have a heavy impact on your internet speed.

What people often do is open apps and forget to quit them and these applications pile up in the background to interfere with your internet speed.

If you find a background application not hindering your internet speed then it’s time to troubleshoot.  Know that slow internet will also affect the quality of internet TV. With the Mediacom channel lineup, be assured of getting the best streaming TV services.

Wireless Congestion

What we mean by wireless congestion here is that if you are working on the internet somewhere many people are using their electronic devices, which will cause your device to run into more congestion.

This happens because the signals coming from different electronic devices bleed over one another and cause interference in the internet connection. To state this in typical internet language, the increased latency causes a reduction in data and eventually affects your perceived internet speed.

Check Your Device

As we said above, slow internet sometimes fools you into thinking that you own a slow computer or device. While it is true that your slow internet fools you into doubting the performance of your computer but sometimes your computer is the culprit.

It has been observed that usually the complaint of slow internet was linked to the ill performance of the computers. The slow and bogged-down computer systems have a great effect on your responsiveness and throughput of your internet speed. Therefore, it is important to know whether your computer is working completely fine or not.

Summing Up

A slow internet connection causes troubles beyond the worst internet experience. In this write-up, we have mentioned ways that depict why your internet connection is slow. Following the tips mentioned here will help you effectively deal with slow internet connectivity.



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