What Color Is Starfire’s Hair In The New 52?

Color is one of the most important elements of comics, and it’s no exception when it comes to Starfire. For years, fans have debated over what color her hair is in the New 52. Is it red like it used to be? Is it auburn? Or maybe some other color entirely? Now, thanks to a new image from the upcoming Teen Titans movie, we can finally answer that question. In the image, Starfire is seen wearing a blue costume with long, red hair. This confirms that her hair is now red in the New 52 continuity, which is consistent with previous depictions of her character. So if you’ve been wondering what color her hair is, now you know!

What is the New 52?

What is the New 52?

The New 52 is an initiative launched by DC Comics in September 2011. The line-wide reboot replaced almost all of the characters’ traditional costumes and backstory with new designs and storylines. The New 52 also introduced a new logo and “DC Universe” branding across all their comics.

Starfire’s Hair in The New 52

In the new DC comics universe, Starfire’s hair is now a bright orange! Fans of the character were divided on this change, with some loving it and others saying it looked silly. But one thing is for sure – her hair looks different than ever before. So what does this mean for her future in the comics?

One theory is that Starfire’s hair will become more prominent in later issues of The New 52, as part of an effort to make her more relatable to young readers. This could also be a way to show she’s still evolving and growing as a character. Alternatively, it could be that she just had a dye job and will eventually go back to her original color. Only time will tell!

Starfire’s Hair Color: The Origin of Starfire’s Hair Color

In the new live-action movie version of DC’s classic TV show, “Superman: The Movie,” actress Amber Heard plays Wonder Woman’s sidekick, Starfire. While most of her costumes are similar to those worn by other actresses in previous live-action adaptations of the character, Heard’s costume includes a bright red hair bow that is strikingly different from any other depiction of the character.

The colored hair on Starfire has been a topic of debate among fans for years. Some say that Starfire’s hair is actually a deep purple, while others maintain that it is bright red like her costume. However, there is one source that definitively confirms that her hair color is indeed red: the animated series “Justice League Unlimited.” In an episode entitled “A Better World,” which was originally aired in 2006 and was based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s run on the Justice League comic book series, Starfire (voiced by Tiya Sircar) reveals to Wonder Woman (voiced by Alicia Silverstone) that she took on the role of ambassador from Tamaran because she wanted to find a way to get more people to know about her home planet. When Wonder Woman asks what color her hair is, Starfire replies “I usually keep it down but I let my golden locks loose for important occasions.” In this context, “important occasions” means when she attends diplomatic functions or meets with other interstellar leaders. So not only does this episode confirmStarfire’s red hair color

What Color Is Starfire’s Hair On The DC Comics Animated Series?

On the DC Comics Animated Series, Starfire’s hair is a light pink. However, in the new live-action movies, her hair is more of a bright salmon color.

Starfire’s Hair Color: What Is Starfire’s Hair Colour?

In the upcoming ” Harley Quinn ” film, Starfire’s hair color is light brown. This is different from how she has been depicted in the past. Most commonly, her hair color has been orange or yellow. In the comics, her hair color is described as auburn and it occasionally changes to blonde or brunette according to the story arc.

How To Get The Best Chances For A Beautiful And Natural Look With Starfire’s Hair

If you’re wondering what color Starfire’s hair is in the new Titans series, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that her hair appears to be a light blonde, which is pretty natural looking. However, the bad news is that it appears she may have been using a dark brown shade of highlights in her hair which could make it look more artificial. Regardless of the color, we think her hair looks beautiful and natural at any angle!

How To Sink Your Teeth Into Starfire’s Hair

In the newest edition of Batman, starfire’s hair is a light brown. This color change was likely to make her more visually appealing to younger viewers, who are more likely to be fans of DC Comics’ younger characters.

The 7 Secrets of Starfire’s Hair

There has been much speculation on Starfire’s hair color in the New 52, with some claiming it was red and others insisting she was still a blonde. We asked writer Rob Williams whether or not her hair had indeed changed color, and here are his responses:

“No, her hair hasn’t changed color. The coloring is just different this time around… Starfire’s natural hair color is a deep indigo blue.”

So there you have it! Starfire’s hair remains blue in the new DC Comics universe.


After reading this article, readers should have a better understanding of the different colors that are used in the new 52 incarnation of Starfire. Readers can use this information to help them identify which version of Starfire they are looking at based on the color of her hair. Additionally, readers can use this information to help speculate about other characters’ hair colors. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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