How To Use Auto Shocks For Murphy Bed

For those of you not familiar with the Murphy bed, it’s a bed that folds up into the wall, out of sight. The problem arises when trying to open it- how do you get the bed out of the wall? This guide shows how to use auto shocks to make opening and closing your murphy bed easier- and safer!

How to build a murphy bed

Murphy beds are a great way to create more space in your home. But how do you go about building one? First, you’ll need a frame. You can use wood or metal, but it’s best if it has a headboard and footboard. Next, attach the headboard and footboard to the frame.

Then take some plywood that is at least 1/4 inch thick and cut two pieces of the same size as the inside of the headboard and footboard. Attach these pieces on top of the headboard and foot board with screws or nails.

What are shock absorbers?

Auto shock absorbers are used on a type of Murphy Bedthat is called a Drop-Down Murphy Bed. This type of Murphy Bed has the mattress and box springs hidden in an overhead cabinet that drop down when it is time to sleep. The advantages of this type of Murphy Bed are that they take up very little space, they are easy to assemble, and they have room under the bed for storage.

Plus, many homeowners find this type of Murphy Bed more comfortable than other types because it gives them more support.

The downside of Drop-Down Murphy Beds is that most models require owners to manually raise the mattress each morning with no options for powered assistance.

How shock absorbers work

Shock absorbers are typically used on vehicles, but they also have a function on a Murphy Bed. If your mattress is sitting directly on the floor, without any type of support, it will be more difficult to get in and out of the bed as well as less comfortable to lay down in. The best way to fix this is by adding shock absorbers that you can adjust easily with a lever.

The springs at the bottom of the bed will lift up your mattress so you can easily get in and out while still providing firm support when you’re lying down. Plus, these devices come with an air compressor that will save your back from having to push them up manually each time you make the bed.

Installing the shock absorber

The shock absorber is a device that reduces the effect of suspension travel on the chassis by dampening it. This is achieved by using hydraulic fluid as a medium and having a piston, rod, or arm move in response to suspension movement.

A typical shock absorber has an eye that attaches to one end of the vehicle’s spring and an adjustable threaded plunger at the other end. The threading of the plunger regulates resistance and therefore how fast the shock absorbs energy from the spring.

To install a shock absorber on your Murphy Bed, you need to find your mounting points on both sides of your wall frame. You then need to drill four holes through your wall frame where you will attach mounting bolts with washers and nuts.

Testing the installation

This post is going to walk you through installing and using your new Murphy Bed. First, open the box. Remove all of the contents and lay them on a flat surface. Make sure that you have all of the parts listed in the instructions so that you can see what needs to be assembled. Instructions are typically found on the back or bottom of packaging materials.

Next, follow along with each step in order as listed in your instructions for assembling your Murphy Bed. Be sure not to skip any steps! Some steps will be more involved than others, but it will always be worth it at the end when you have an awesome new Murphy Bed ready to go!


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