3 ways number masking is helpful for enterprises

As new technology grows at peak it helps in increased interaction between consumers and business in various ways like messaging, calling, etc. Customer trust has been reduced in online-focused business and business mobile conversations. This insecure feel is due to the lack of privacy and security with the business interaction technology. These kind of issues can be avoided with the help of number masking technology. Mobile number masking has been used in businesses like cab hiring services, travel booking, buy and sell services, and other online or mobile-oriented businesses. Number masking has conquered the insecurity and fear of customers with sharing their number and using their number to connect with the service providers during queries.

Call tracking and monitoring:

Number masking assures the safety and protection of customers. It also focuses on fetching accurate data from the customer with end-to-end tracking. Call tracking software at call masking technology helps you rate your effectiveness with your marketing efforts. Your marketing efforts with tracking include online and offline channels used by customers both after and before committing to your business. With the call tracking, you can record the detailed reports and analytics to understand customer behavior and proceed with marketing as per the customer’s behavior. With the technology of tracking, you can showcase the customer’s details with the number masking option at the mask my number feature. With this showcase option, you can perform an analysis of why the conversation has happened, and it provides information about several lead sources. You can also access various facilities like call recording, tracking, following, and even more benefits with the marketing campaign. With all these benefits, you can load more leads for your business and follow them the ineffective way. The better advantage is that you can generate qualified leads with the features like call transcription and recordings.

Real-time data Insights:   

The bigger picture business emerges with the effects of real-time data. You can access real-time data with the various modern featured platforms, and it gives better effects with mobile number masking technology. With the mobile number masking technology, real-time data will fetch all kinds of marketing and emerging features related to your business’s product, avoiding the secured details of customers like mobile number, transaction number, etc. Real-time data insight features exhibit customer details based on recent and past activities. Because of the dynamic nature of real-time data, you can use them for constant collection, ingesting, and analyzing data from the mass crowd of customers in your business. In today’s digital hype world, everything goes at a fast pace. This is included in analytical tools at real-time data. The analytical tools will target the appropriate demographics of the customer on their needs and preference. This will help you improve your product based on the market needs to achieve more ROI for your business. The dynamic data source in real-time data supports you when there are changes or shifts in trends and preferences of customers based on your product. Real-time data is efficient in building an accurate representation and depiction for your business from the customer side.


The interactive voice response feature in number masking will allow you to answer customer queries by sharing the number of customers with the agents. You can create your adoptable IVR number under this feature and make the best result with customer conversation by exposing the IVR number and masking the company’s number. This IVR number will easily get registered in the minds f customers to have many call crowds that will help generate leads. The feature of IVR solution in number masking will also promote the standard of any value of your business by regulating toll-free numbers. You can easily create advertisements and banners with the features of the IVR number with your product and service branding. This allows the reach and popularity of the product among a wide range of customers. The benefits of IVR within number masking technology will reflect a major source of lead from all corners of the world.

Shift to number masking solution:

The vast benefits of number-making will satisfy you and the customer with a high level of security and privacy. You can ensure the high-level benefit of number masking with the service at Knowlarity and build better customer-to-business relations.


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