How to Measure SEO Performance of Business Website?

As the world is getting toward a digitalized environment, most businesses, as well as individuals, are now investing a lot of time as well as money into the development of websites along with other online applications.

You may have a team to develop a website and produce high-quality or SEO– optimized content. Well, this is something good.  Now the next important step is to maximize the ROI, and this can be done by measuring the key performance of your website.

Based on your business type, you will have to study specific performance metrics. Well, for this you can take the help of experts like Frank Digital Agncy.

Now, let’s talk about those metrics.

  • Measuring your audience

One of the crucial things to measure on the website is the audience and the impact. How to do that? Well, you can just track the visitors, and this can be done by utilizing Google Analytics or other analytics tools.

Study the number of visits and the unique visitors. Besides, you should also study the number of returning vs new visitors. This way, you can craft strategies to increase your visitors. For a better understanding, you can contact Frank Digital.

  • Study the traffic source

You should also understand how the visitors are ending up on the website. Why is this important? It will offer you data, and you will know which particular traffic channel or medium you should focus on more.

On the other hand, understanding your audience’s behavior will help you in identifying the potential target group. On the other hand, the knowledge will help you in planning your future campaigns.

You need to check whether they are coming through a social media campaign, through Google, an email blast, or through a directory listing.

  • Measure the site’s bounce rate

Remember that the longer the visitors spend time on the site, the higher chances are there for the conversion. If the visitors are visiting the site and leaving immediately, that is called the bounce.

You need to keep the bounce rate as low as possible. How to do that? For the best result, you can hire the experts of Frank Digital Agency.

To lower the bounce rate, the sites need to be easy to navigate, relevant, fast, user-friendly, and secure. A lower bounce rate can help you in ranking your site higher in search engines.

  • Measure the conversion rates

This is a crucial point for your website performance. Here you need to measure the ratio between the conversion rate and your total traffic. If you want to increase the conversion, you need to track the traffic’s activities on your site and then study which type of activity is attracting the traffic.

On the other hand, you also need to come up with a clear call-to-action message for your visitors.

  • Don’t forget to measure the ROI and profit

For this, you need to measure the cost of the conversion and overall return on the investment. Even though your ROI is impressive, but you are spending a lot of money to convert, then this is not a good indication. Hire Frank Digital and develop a profit-making periphery.


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