Igatpuri, a small village in Maharashtra, is a lovely hill station and one of the most popular weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune.  Igatpuri is a popular destination for hikers and environment lovers. Hikers and trekkers will love it because there are so many forts in the area.

The ruins of forts near Igatpuri are testament that it was formerly located in a crucial location.This meditation facility teaches Vipassana meditation, an ancient form of meditation.

Rappelling, rock climbing, and hiking are among the most popular activities in Igatpuri. Tourist attractions include the Ratangad forts and Tringalwadi Fort. The temples of Amruteshwar and Ghatandevi also draw a large number of people.


Igatpuri is a prominent tourist resort in Maharashtra, located on the Mumbai-Shirdi route. The place is a paradise for outdoorsy types and excursion sports enthusiasts. During the monsoon, this lovely hill station comes to life.


Dhammagiri, which meaning Dhamma Hill, is another name for his location. The Vipassana International Academy is regarded as the world’s largest meditation centre. It is the headquarters of the worldwide Vipassana organisation. This school offers a 10-day training, and individuals come from all over the world to participate.


The Bhatsa River’s basin has this beautiful valley. The valley, which is densely forested and has a river running through it, will transport you away from the city’s smog and crowds. In this valley, the river that runs through it has created some unique rock formations. This valley is a must-see because of its lush vegetation, wooded areas, river, and foggy hills. This untainted valley will refresh your body and mind. The goddess of the Ghat, Ghatandevi Mandir, is worshipped in the Bhatsa River Valley. You must visit during the monsoon season to experience this site in its full beauty.


During the monsoon, which is the finest season to visit the valley, the valley grows greener and comes alive with several waterfalls. The lovely valley, which is blanketed in clouds, is a sight to behold. You can also participate in adventurous activities such as river crossing and river rafting. The valley is also an excellent area to simply unwind and take in the scenery. Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts will like Camel Valley. Visit this valley for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.



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