Essential Gadgets for your MacBook

If you want to buy yourself a great device, then a MacBook is definitely worth it. The main advantage you get from a MacBook is the fact that you can work on the road, while traveling, but also at home with great ease. That portability it provides is amazing, and definitely one of the main reasons why you want to get such a computer. It’s also a pleasure to customize and adapt to your needs too, and you can buy all kinds of gadgets and accessories.


The reason you want to get such a hub is because you can easily connect multiple devices to your MacBook. Usually, a MacBook barely has 1-2 ports, but with the USB type C hub, it’s a lot easier to expand the capabilities of this device. That’s what makes it so amazing in the first place and downright impressive to use. It’s wise to choose a quality brand such as BASEUS, Anker, WiWu, UGreen etc.. You can get branded USB Type-C Hubs in Sri Lanka at a reasonable price if you look online.

Power bank

A good power bank that offers as much power as possible while you are on the road can be a lifesaver. Some units even allow you to charge more than 1 device at a time, which is great. If you use your MacBook on the road a lot, a power bank can be really helpful.

Collapsible laptop charger winder

This is good because you won’t have to worry about damaging the charging cable. It’s a simple gadget, but one of those things that can help you quite a bit. And it’s collapsible too, so you don’t have to worry about it needing a ton of space either.

Laptop riser

Getting a product that allows you to raise your laptop when you prepare a presentation or anything like that can be very handy. A laptop riser is inexpensive, and you will find it extremely useful and dependable. That’s what makes it well worth the investment every time.

Laptop case

Protecting your laptop against damage is crucial, so getting a laptop case can really make the difference. Go for a hard case if possible, since it protects your laptop against all kinds of issues, like dropping or any item being pushed towards it.

Laptop attachment

The laptop attachment from DriveSlide for example attaches to your laptop and locks to it. Then you can add your external SSD on there if you want. Not only is this a good idea, but you have direct access to your external SSD and you don’t have to worry about losing it.


Buying the right MacBook gadgets is very helpful, and more often than not it can help you save quite a bit of time. It does take a bit of a trial and error to identify what gadgets are good for your MacBook, but the ones listed above are definitely worth a shot. They make your MacBook more versatile, and you receive the extensions and expandability you need. It really is a great opportunity and one of those things you do not want to miss. Plus, they really push the boundaries with the numerous added features!


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