9 Best Tips to increase Shopify Store Sales in 2023

E-commerce will be more important than ever by 2023. To survive, thousands of businesses had to switch to selling online. Shopify is the preferred platform for most businesses. Even new businesses can now create Shopify websites and follow the Essential Tips to Increase Shopify Store Sales.

Shopify is a popular option. Shopify allows you to easily create an online store. It is easy to scale and comes with hundreds of pre-built features. Shopify cannot sell your products by itself. There is intense competition on Shopify for products to be sold. Base2Brand Infotech is the Best SEO Company In Dubai, it can help you understand the best marketing strategies to increase sales.

Shopify makes it easy to sell online with these tips to increase shopify store sales. Growing your business can be challenging. Online selling can be very competitive. It takes energy and time to build a brand and reach more people.

There are many ways to grow your online company, no matter how new you are. These are nine ways to increase your Shopify store sales.

Create a mobile app to promote your store

A few years ago, the primary source of online traffic was desktop computers. This has changed. 60% of internet use is done via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices account for more than half the internet traffic. Therefore, 10% of E-commerce apps can be used by mobile users.

Without a mobile app, you could instantly lose half of your potential to convert visitors to your site before it goes live.

Establish Measurable Goals

This is one of the most important tips to increase shopify store sales. Before we begin, it is essential to have a plan. It’s impossible to manage something you don’t measure. Your goals should be actionable, measurable, and easily achievable.

Shopify Analytics is excellent for sales and inventory tracking but lacks attribution. While it may not seem crucial at first glance, attribution is essential when running marketing campaigns. Your advertising budget could be wasted. We recommend using an external analytics service such as Google Analytics.

Businesses of all sizes approach SEO Company in Dubai for establishing Shopify sales measurable goals after thorough analysis of Google Analytics.

Your Policies Should Be Listed In The Footer

Websites should have policies. Many new store owners forget to include policies. When customers visit websites, they often check out return policies to determine if they are eligible for a refund in case the products do not meet their expectations. Policies will be a benefit to your website. It builds trust.

It’s not necessary to create policies manually. Shopify admin allows you to modify and takedown policies. Your website policies will be enforced. Customers who request refunds must be allowed to use your refund policies.

Continue reading to learn how to increase Shopify store sales.

Turn Social Media Followers Into Customers

While social media influencers are losing their power, this doesn’t mean social media shouldn’t be part of your marketing strategy. Instead of focusing on your business account, you need to build strong relationships with customers.

Don’t be afraid to share the stories behind the scenes with your customers and staff. Customers and employees should have a dialog to build trust. This could include sharing content that is informative, inspiring, or just plain relatable.

Shopify’s social media tools enable you to convert your posts into purchasing opportunities after you have built a loyal following. Shopify’s social media platforms allow customers to make purchases easily. This is one of the most popular tips to increase Shopify store sales.

Make 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) Product Pages.

Online shopping is dominated by product pages. They influence the majority of customers’ purchase decisions. These pages allow customers to determine the quality and size of your products, as well as which color they should order.

While clean photography is still the best option, Shopify’s top sellers use product pages with built-in support for 3D models or video.

Shopify launched this feature in 2018 and has seen a 250% rise in product page conversions using 3D models in AR.

SEO is one of the most essential tips to increase Shopify store sales

It is very difficult to rank high on search engines if your website was just created. SEO is essential to drive traffic to your site. Keywords are the words that customers use to search for products on an eCommerce website or search engine.

When optimizing your website, it is crucial to use keywords. In your meta description and title, use many keywords. These keywords can be used to create a compelling title and a simple meta description for your site.

This will increase your search engine visibility and make it easier for visitors to search your store through search engines. You can track the performance of your online store by integrating it with Google Search Console and Analytics.

360-Degree Images + Videos

Use 360-degree images as a next tip to increase Shopify store sales.

The product gallery is the most critical resource in your Shopify store. Many customers base their purchasing decisions on product images.

Many people have begun to shop online, even those who hadn’t before the Covid-19 pandemic. As with most online shoppers, this group is also concerned about product returns. Online shoppers may not be satisfied with simple product images.

360 degree Images let customers move your product around so they can imitate what they see in a shop. 360 degree imagery lets customers inspect the product in detail and remove or reduce any doubts.

Customer Retention

Shopify’s customer retention strategy is the best and most popular. On average, 65 percent are customers who have previously visited your store. It is cheaper to spend time with existing customers to increase their average spending and save money than it is to get new customers.

Consider how much more likely you are to buy from a brand you trust than from someone new. Customer retention is crucial to your business. You might not realize how important it can be.

Run a Flash Sale

Flash sales online can bring in a lot of money. Flash sales can increase sales by as much as 50 orders per day or more than 10,000 in 24 hours. Flash sales can be used on holidays or to increase sales during slow months.

It’s easy to create a Shopify flash sale. Choose your products, and then set a date. Promote the deal via email or text message, as well as social media. Your backend must be able to handle increased traffic to your site and process orders. Flash sales can lead to site crashes and delays, which could cause shipping delays. This is not the way to impress your customers.


These tips will help you increase Shopify store sales and generate more profits. You can leave a comment below if you have any questions about Shopify store marketing and web development.


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