How to Create a Logo Online

While some entrepreneurs may overlook the importance of a logo, its functions are crucial, including:

  • Increasing visibility.


  • Giving products or services exclusivity.


  • Building consumer loyalty.


  • Serving as a promotional tool.

A logo is an element of corporate identity, and should be designed when opening a company. Graphic elements can be categorized into three types: text, graphic, and mixed. Each option has its own unique characteristics.

Textual emblems comprise of letters and numbers, and account for approximately 30% of all graphic elements. They are simple and easy to remember, as seen in the logo of the Visa payment system.

Graphic elements visually represent what the organization does, accounting for roughly 20% of all logos. The Apple logo is a great example.

Mixed logos, which account for the majority of logos, combine alphanumeric characters and images. The Adidas logo is one such example.

Stages of creating a logo online

Many programs are available online for creating logos without the need for downloading software. One user-friendly online option is the Turbo Logo Generator.

Creating a logo is not simply a matter of drawing an image. It should be associated with the company’s activities and should reflect the goods sold.

Here are the three stages of creating a graphic element:

Research. Analyze the logos of other competing companies and look for details that make them unique. Incorporate similar details into the design of your logo.

Color palette selection. Colors play a specific role in logos. For example, yellow is known to increase appetite and can be used in fast food logos while blue signifies reliability, strength, and trust, which is prevalent in the logos of IT companies. Green is associated with environmental friendliness, health, and an active lifestyle.

Graphic sign selection. The sign should be readable, unique, and consistent with the organization’s specialty. Changing someone else’s logo for your own company is not recommended as it could lead to charges of plagiarism.


Every organization should have a logo. In the absence of a logo, products risk blending in with those of competitors who have invested in their own branding. A logo should be built on a good idea and can be created using various online programs available.


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