How to Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly?

Do you know, according to the latest statistics, approximately 50.88 % of internet traffic can be attributed to mobile devices or smartphones? So, it is obvious that mobile is currently the most used device. If you have a WordPress site, you need to have a mobile-friendly site. Though mobile-friendly WordPress is comparatively new, your WordPress site needs to be ready to display on any screen size to keep up with the latest trend.

It simply means that if your WordPress site reads well on mobile devices, it will give better results in search results. But it is not an easy task to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly. Only an expert can do this job efficiently. Otherwise, it will hurt your WordPress site’s traffic. So hire a WordPress Development Services to build a fully-functional and responsive mobile-friendly WordPress site.

Know About the Benefits of Mobile-Friendly WordPress Site:

Don’t you want to gain visitors’ attention on your WordPress site? Surely you want to. Then make sure your site is accessible even on small devices, especially mobile. As you know, more than half of the world population mostly uses their mobile phones for any purpose, and the tendency is growing rapidly. The only reason is that mobile is like a small movable computer with a strong Internet connection, always within your reach.

Whenever you Hire WordPress Developers, you can easily make a WordPress site that beautifully fits on a mobile screen even without a need to zoom. Let’s find out how a mobile-friendly WordPress site contributes to your business growth.

  • Higher Page views & Lower Bounce Rate:Great mobile user experience is the key to success in this digital marketing era. Is it not great if your WordPress site loads and displays beautifully on a small device? It encourages the visitors to spend more time on it and learn about your business. Again, mobile is such a device that people like to spend a lot of time on. So there is a high possibility that a mobile-friendly WordPress site has less bounce rate.
  • Search Engine Evaluation:You may think that there is no difference between desktop and mobile search. But this doesn’t seem right. Suppose your website is not optimized for small devices like mobile or tablet. Then there is hardly any possibility for any mobile user to find it in the search result. Now you can easily understand how important it is to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly site is the only way to rank your WordPress site higher in the search engine.
  • Attracts More Visitors:In this competitive digital marketing field, it is not enough to have a mobile-friendly WordPress site and a quality site. If you opt for WordPress Development Services, they will build your WordPress site so that it should be able to adapt to any screen size with quality design. Make sure your users don’t have to zoom to access the content or scroll horizontally to view the entire content.
  • Load as Fast as Possible:The loading speed of a site is a matter of great concern. You will be surprised to know that if your site delays uploading a single second, you can lose many potential customers. Only for that reason, your entire effort to provide unique content and exclusive design for your WordPress site can go in vain. If you hire WordPress Development Services,it can offer you AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which is specially designed to accelerate loading time for small devices, especially mobile or Smartphones.
  • Mobile Research is Much Common:The current study shows that approximately 69% of users worldwide search for products from their mobile devices before buying any product or comparing the prices offered. So, don’t lose the chance to get the supreme opportunity. If you partner with the best WordPress Development Agency in India, you can get all the benefits of a mobile-friendly WordPress site.

Key Factors Responsible for Making a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Site:

Isn’t your WordPress site still mobile-friendly? Don’t make a mistake. Search for the best WordPress Development Company, which can offer you the best solution to speed and build a fully-designed functional, mobile-friendly WordPress site. While making a mobile-friendly WordPress site, make sure you have come across all the following steps:

  • Take the Mobile-Friendly Test:The best WordPress development Services include a test that ensures that your WordPress site looks great on a wide range of mobile screen sizes. But it does not mean that you have to test it on various mobiles; rather, Custom WordPress Development offers to know how to use mobile-friendly testing tools. Some Mobile-friendly test API allows testing the URLs with automated tools. But only an expert of WordPress Development Agency in India knows how to use the tools more effectively.
  • Use a Responsive WordPress Theme:It is necessary to update the WordPress theme frequently if you take the help of Custom WordPress Development services; you don’t need to worry about that.
  • Use Responsive Plugins:The most important thing for a mobile-friendly WordPress site is to put a suitable plugin to add functionality to your WordPress site. But to choose the correct plugin for your site is very complex. You need to pay attention to the features of a plugin before purchasing it. In addition, a WordPress Development Company prefers to find a demo before implementation to ensure that the scaling is fit for all screen sizes.
  • Avoid Adding Pop-ups on Mobile Devices:You may have suggested a variety of opt-ins on your site while trying to build an email list on your WordPress site. But pop-ups are such opt-ins that must be dismissed before accessing your page’s content.
  • Effective Strategy Implementation:Make sure the media you are using for your site scales correctly. Otherwise, it leads to a difficult viewing experience on a small screen.

Some Exclusive Mobile-Friendly WordPress Plugins:

You must know that WordPress plugins help optimize your site for mobile users. Though there are various options available, the professionals look for a plugin that fits better to your WordPress site.

  • WP Touch: WP Touch is a plugin that can make your WordPress site suitable for any screen without changing your original WordPress design and content. It automatically changes a WordPress site to a mobile-friendly one, customizes the mobile theme according to a preferred page, and keeps the speed of a WordPress site. Most importantly, it is easy to configure without changing the WordPress setting.
  • JetPack: Looking for an all-in-one WordPress plugin? Then, JetPack is the best plugin. It improves the security of a WordPress plugin, enhances marketing capacity, gives SEO analysis. Overall, it enhances the performance of a WordPress site.
  • Smush: It is one of the attractive mobile-friendly WordPress plugins. It is feature with multiple images, high conversion rate.
  • WP Mobile Menu: It is mainly characterized by a three-layered mobile menu for all WordPress sites. It includes text and logo branding, display layouts, background images for the menu, three-deep level menu.
  • Hummingbird: The most attractive features of this plugin are automated scan, uptime monitoring, content-delivery network, enhancing file compression.
  • AMP for WP: The AMP WordPress plugin is for you if you want accelerated mobile pages. It helps optimize WordPress pages for better visibility and experiencing high loading speed. More features include custom AMP editor, drag and drop page builder, Google analytics support, SEO plugin, unlimited colour theme.
  • Asset Clean-Up: This is mainly used on a contact page, but this plugin puts the CSS and JavaScript files on every page by default. The most prominent feature of this plugin is that it scans each page and detects all the loaded things. Thus, it decreases the number of HTTP requests, minimizes and combines. The loaded CSS/ javaScript files, and reduces the actual page’s HTML code.
  • Autoptimize:  It helps to improve the site upload speed. It also helps to optimize the database, deletes cache. The most interesting feature of this free plugin is that it is easy to use.
  • Up Your Game: This plugin helps in improving the ranking of your site, increasing page load speed. But it is not a good idea to access the number of plugins; it can ruin your site’s quality. If you opt for WordPress CMS Development Services. They can choose suitable plugins for your WordPress site according to your need.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Mobile Plugin?

There are several factors of a WordPress site, which highly depend on using suitable plugins, including:

  • Run a specific mobile theme when a device is detecte.
  • The turns a site into a web app on mobile.
  • helps to use a responsive design to work well on all platforms.
  • It customizes themes using a visual interface.
  • It can select from a variety of themes.
  • Can include and exclude themes for certain devices.

Choose the Best WordPress Development Agency as an Effective Partner:

If you want to save your energy while wondering the best method to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly, take the master help from the best WordPress Development Services. They will provide satisfaction for you with a team of specialists who work dedicatedly to give proficient aptitude to your WordPress site.


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