5 Solutions To Fix The Epson Error

Epson is a hardware manufacturing company and is best known for printer devices. These gadgets are pocket-friendly and reliable. You can easily find a multi-functional inkjet printer for home use to a large laser for businesses. But when the printer gets an error, you have to repair it manually. Epson printers mostly show the basic printing errors which can be repaired easily.

Fixing common Epson printer errors

Epson printer is offline

Your printer shows the offline status when it is not connected to the PC. Loose cable is a common issue behind this error. Remove the cable and then reconnect it. Now the user should go to the PC and inspect for the offline error. While you are using the network printing, inspect your access point. Check your WPS pin on the router. Disable the pin and your printer will get disconnected. Now restart your Epson printer and then press the Wi-Fi button. When the lamp starts blinking, press the WPS button. Your printer will connect to the router. Now you can go to the monitor and check the printer status.

Clogged printhead

Printhead gets clogged when it is not cleaned. The dry ink clogged the printhead of your device which shows a printing error. Users can clean the printhead using Epson’s utility tool. Open your Drivers and Printers page and select the Epson printer. Now click on Adjust Print Options and you will get an Epson dialogue box. Hit on the Maintenance icon and hit on the Head Cleaning option. Run this tool and tap the Next button. Epson head cleaning process may take some time to finish. You should repeat the same steps 2-3 times for complete Epson printhead cleaning. Users can also clean the printhead manually. You have to take a dry cloth and alcohol-based cleaner. Now take a few drops of cleaner and remove all the dry ink from the printhead. After cleaning, wait until the printhead gets dry. Now turn on the printer and you can take your printouts.

Epson printer is running slow

Epson devices are known for good speed. But when the Epson is slowing down, you should check for the causes. Firstly, check the connection. Connect the Epson with a high-speed cable for printing at a good speed. While using a network printer, place it near the router. Users should check the printhead whether it is moving correctly or not. If your printer is old then you can increase the speed by changing the print mode. When you reduce the print quality, speed improves. For taking simple printouts, you can use the low mode. Open printer settings and change the mode to low. Now the printer will start printing the documents with good speed. The ink usage is also very less while using the low mode.

Users face the 0xf1 error code in the printer when the driver is not working. The user may have deleted some of the driver files accidentally. These files also show errors when the malware interrupts them. You can run an antivirus scan which can delete all the malware from the device. Now, run the printer and check for error codes. If your driver is still not working then you should run the Epson error code 0xf1 repair tool. The tool will run on the system and check for files that are causing the error. After repairing the files, restart your printer and take the printouts.

Epson is giving faded printouts

Your printer shows quality issues due to cheap cartridges. Whenever you install the clone cartridges, the print quality will decrease. These cartridges are cheap but they can’t work well. Many of these clone cartridges can also harm the printer. When there is no ink on the cartridges, purchase the new Epson cartridges. But original cartridges are costly and when you take lots of printouts daily then it can be very expensive. Users should search for good-quality ink. After refilling, take a test printout for checking the print quality. Also, open the printer settings and check the mode. Switch your mode to high and now you can easily take bright printouts. You must use good quality pages for taking printouts.


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